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The advantage of "made to order" paddles is that if you would like some personalization on the paddle we can do it. When adding an item to your shopping cart see the paddle option for your personalization. You can have up to 50 characters of personalization.

Personalization, depending on the text message, could be on one line or two. If you have a name and additional text the name will be on line one and the additional text will be placed on line two. Both lines will be centered on the paddle face. Personalization can be placed at the bottom of the paddle or at the top, your choice, just let us know where you want it under "Paddle Options."

If a name and additional text are used the name will be in a larger font size than the second line of additional text. The font size of the name and second line will be of a color and size so that it is easily readable and must abide by the IFP Official Tournament Rulebook:

2.E.2.b. Depictions. Any writing or pictures on the paddle must be in good taste and non-reflective.

Here are some examples of how the personalization will appear on the paddle:

Personalization location and text color may be slightly adjusted for aesthetics.