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Composite Pickleball Paddles vs. Wooden Paddles

Composite Pickleball paddles often hold up considerably longer than their wooden counterpart. Since the materials used in composite Pickleball paddles are water proof, water typically isn't an issue with the paddle although it probably isn't a good idea to leave them exposed. Edges are less likely to break apart on the composite Pickleball paddles as well making them a much more durable paddle overall. Probably the best thing about the composite Pickleball paddle is their bounce rate. Since they are made with harder materials that are more consistent and allow you to hit the ball much harder with less effort than with a wooden paddle. They are great for use by someone that isn't quite as strong because they offer power without as much action. The composite Pickleball paddles are also much lighter than the wooden paddle as well, a wooden paddle weights in at about 11 - 12 ozs. where composite Pickleball paddles are around 8 ozs.

Composite Pickleball Paddles vs. Graphite Paddles

Composite pickleball paddles have a better useable life expectancy over graphite paddles, this is due to the core material’s orientation to the surface. Graphite paddles have the material’s honeycomb structure perpendicular to the surface while composites have the honeycomb running in parallel to the surface. This also provides composite paddles to have more bounce then the graphite paddles.

Edge guard type is a manufacturer’s choice, edgeless paddles reduce/eliminate errant misdirected shots due to the depth of the edge guard. The composites paddles weight (average 8 oz) is just slightly heavier then the graphite paddles weight (average 7 oz). Both types offer less arm fatigue when compared to wooden paddles.

Composite/graphite refers to the surface skin on the paddle face. Composite paddles have skin types of aluminum or fiberglass, while graphite paddles have graphite skins. The composite may be covered with a layer of vinyl graphics or screen printed graphics.


All Pickleball Paddle World paddles are made in the USA by PicklePaddle and meet all Pickleball paddle specifications as defined by the IFA/USAPA All paddles are eligible for sanctioned tournament play as defined by the IFA/USAPA (See menu item on left - IFA/USAPA Paddle Specs, from the IFA/USAPA Tournament Rulebook, January 1, 2014)

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